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About Me - Keren Mintz



I currently am a the proud owners of a group of Salukis, which is NESHAMA TOVA salukis. I live with 5 and the rest of my 4 legged babies lives in breeding terms or co-owned homes since I do not want my dogs to live in kennels and prefer them to get more personal care even if it means they are with someone else.

My kennel and breeding program is young in age, listed only in 2008 as Tzlil meitar , and in 2010 has changed to Neshama Tova , only with Keren Mintz as owner . I still had phenomenal success at the show ring and breeding great 8 litters under the two kennel names :) Not all litter were born in my house but they registered under my kennel name cause I have helped finding the right male and right homes for the puppies or was hosting it for others. From 5 litters I have breed me self, I sent puppies to Finland , Germany , Austria , Canada , Italy, USA, UK and for sure more country would be added to this list with time ! 
Two males owned by me and breed by me, had litters out of IL - first was in Finland breed by Tuuli Soukka out of my lovely Baharham Badi Malik Neshama Tova AKA Beri. 2nd was breed to my sweety IL ch, IL grand ch, INT ch, Tel Aviv winner 2010, Medi winner 2011, Multi BOB Jawar Mashal El Nur Neshama Tova by Martin Dirksen.

My great love, in the purebred dog world, is the cultivation of the rare breed “Saluki”; "desert saluki" or "working saluki lines", the smooth and the feathered varieties.
The saluki is a gifted hunter, an amazing companion, well known for his loyalty, with a high learning ability and stunning appearance. 

One other important thing is that this breed does not trigger allergies in sensitive people.

During the years of fostering the breed by Bedouin's families, the breeding of the salukis has been made according to hunting abilities, stable nature, running speed and loyalty, while their appearance was the least important feature in the breeder's priority. Fortunately for us, the classic appearance of the breed is well-preserved.
In this aspect, the cultivation creates a strong varied breed, without common diseases, but with huge tolerance, stamina and charming personality.

The saluki is one of the most known ancient breeds, its origins can be traced back as long as 10,000 years in Egypt , Persia and other countries in the middle east . Then the saluki breed was spread to a variety of places, thanks to the Bedouin, which are well known for their migration as a way of life. The saluki is considered to be a noble breed, probably due to his excellent hunting skills and his total devotion to his owners.
The salukis also appear in the ancient Arabic Koran as one of Gods messengers who was sent to the people in time of hunger to help them get food and survive.

The saluki was rarely sold for money between the Arab ancient countries; usually it was trade as a sign of pride and honor amongst the wealthy and respected people. The breed was so honorable in the eyes of the Arabic ancient world, that sometimes the salukis were embalmed and buried with their owners. The saluki is a breed known for its aerodynamic design, which enables it to run and function within the field or desert. There are also quite a few records of this breed in drawings, as companions , as well as gifted hunters.
The saluki is involved in the process of hunting from the beginning to the end – identification of the prey, his capture and retrieving the prey to their owners OR keep it till the owners come. Usually, the prey stays alive, that is because these dogs have a gentle mandible, which does not hurt the prey + the muslim would not eat meat who was killed by someone else but them self (Hilal).

All of my dogs are of stable nature, and they function (or will function) as therapy dogs. They are all active participants in beauty competitions in Israel, as well as race competitions (that we very rarely have), and are well known to the most appreciated breeders in Israel.

Who am I ?

The human behind the salukis : Keren (born in 24.10.1983) have learn therapy thru animals and volunteer with my dogs at old people's houses , I work mostly from home to be with my loved gang as much as possible .
Ironically, Keren was raised in homes where her parents did not allowed her to keep any pets. 
Proud owner of 5 salukis (which live with me). I also have some salukis I co-owned or in breeding terms in Israel and abroad :)

My main goal is to reserve the local saluki type that is slowly disappearing from the world.

I am always happy to provide a temporary home for salukis and other sighthounds that are looking for new homes .

I am always looking for new working blood lines and I'll be happy to make new contacts with dog breeders and saluki lovers and share information about the breed.
I live in Israel , in Pardesia


I would love to welcome u to Neshama Tova Saluki group on FB

General information

In our ownership for the future breeding program, we have feathered and smooth salukis from variety of rare and different bloodlines. These dogs are oriented in the deserts of Israel, Egypt, Jordan , Iran , Saudi Arabia, Syria and other countries in the Middle East BUT not only.
Due to the fact that the variety of dogs for breeding from the desert line is restricted, we also owen salukis , which their bloodline are from Finland and sweden . The import of new bloodlines is initiated by Mr. Shay Spector, a wonderful and outstanding breeder in Israel, he owns a kennel named "Spector el Razal" and Mr. Shalom Shtoklemann’s kennel “Arava”, both of them are registered breeders in Israel, some of their breeding is based on desert blood lines. 
Our vision and goal is to return to the desert line of the salukis, with slight and minor adjustments. In order to do this the best way possible, we contacted Bedouins breeders, which have been breeding these dogs for generations; we believe that with a high standard breeding plan, their dogs as well as our dogs will make a line of quality desert saluki dogs in Israel and throughout the world.

Among our dogs, there are some which were found appropriated to receive a certificate according to the breeding standards, these dogs were selected by the honorable judge – Dr. Zafra Zirik and Myrna Shiboleth, they were found as dogs with great breeding potential and were listed as generation zero (0) what means their offsprings would be 1st gen. 

In the long term plan i will add salukis to my pack as part of my reservation project u can read more about here . I also plan to import few new blood lines and maybe even breed out of Israel in the next few years.






An article by Keren Mintz - Israel, where my male import Beri are in some of the pics.

Please read and look.

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