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For the Salukis we have Lost


 This page is dedicated to all the Salukis we lost, the angels that are watching us from above, we will never forget them and they will always be rememberd in our hearts.


They shell all be remembered 

On 15.07.12 , during the night, some one threw sausages laced with phosphate acid in to our garden .
Out of 9 dogs I had, 7 were poisoned, of those 7, 1 was stolen and 5 died. Only one survived, my mix boy Joe.
3 of the 7 that were poisened were rescues who were looking for loving homes and 4 were owned by me .
I hope all 5 that I know are dead will RIP in saluki heaven, it was to soon to lose them.
From those who died those beautiful 3 ladys were loved by me - from left
Heart and Soul Neshama Tova AKA Soul 26.08.11-15.07.12
J.cac Yolia Ahovaty Neshama Tova AKA Lily 21.05.11-19.07.12
Is ch and grand ch Alties Urnia El Amira AKA Ali 04.05.09-16.07.12

Soul <3 

As her name, she was my heart and Soul. She was the "newst" girl in the house , at first I did not want to save any pup from my E litter, Souls litter, but when she was 3 weeks I just know she was ment to be mine ... It was a true love story . Sense she was a yang pup she know how to deal with other dogs in the gang and out of it, she know how to get new doggie friends but from other side she know also how to put then "on place" when was needed. Soul was loved by each of of my saluki gang and our mix boy ... She was loved with every person who meet her ... Ohh well , just wasn't possible not to fall in love with her . She was very friendly and loved to kiss every body and know very well how to ask for atention ! She was full with confidence and was a real honter in her soul .. She had lots of stamina like her mom and was also very fast altough she was very yang . She was just on her begining of show, LC and therapy carier. She was the first who died at this terrifying poisening, she died about 2 minutes after the vet came. I was lucky to have an angle like her in my life even that it was for very short time , less then 11 months. She will always be remembered, my dear Heart and Soul. RIP and run free in saluki heaven , I know u had happy life with us.
U will always be missed !

Lily <3
Meaning of her ped name is Yolia my love great soul .

 Beautiful sweet Lily .. Both of her parents were in breeding terms in the same house and were breed behind my back, what made a litter of 10 pup's. The prime ministor of the Is hounds club Dr Zafra Sirik, have helped me to get her from the man who she was born at his place, she choosed her for me. In the begining he was spost to register the litter but after 6 months of waiting , Dr Zafra Sirik asked me to register the litter under Neshama Tova kennel. I am very sad that I do not know where most of her brothers and sisters are , I know about Ramach Neshama Tova who is loved by Ibrahim Abu Krinat , but not more . Lily was a darling girl, she has just finished her training for bein a "therapy" saluki and was spost to strat visiting old people at retirement home to make them happy . She just loved every one, people or dogs, she was a "talking" saluki very communicative. She loved to be patted kissed and huged and was very greatfull girl. I was sure Lily would survive this poisening, she hold on for 5 days and only then her heart stoped beating, she really wanted to live and was giving her best fight. I got Lily about 3 months after Yoli, Venus and Rozi were stolen. She was a grand child of Yoli and Venus and had the same body like Rozi who was Yoli's douther but different head . I was calling her "my gift from the world" , I was sure it is not possible to take gifts back .. But it still happened :(( I most thank God for letting me have her for the year she was with me, I enjoid every sec of her ! She was twice BP and once was junior class with J.cac and was also BJ of the breed that day.  Lily was very funny girl, always know what she wanted and the thing she loved the most was to run and play with Soul and Ali. At list I know all my 3 loved girls r toghther at the saluki heaven above us. Lily was the first ever 2nd gen to my breeding and she will be always remembered . 
Lily who I also called alote Lilush, died at Havat Daat hospital that I moved her to , couse I was sure she will have bigger chances to stay alive there, she was there for 2 days and sadly I wasn't with her when she died. I planed to bury her with Ali and Ray but the refregirator of the hospital broke down and she had to be taken by some one who give burial service .

Ali <3
Meaning of her ped name was the marvelous song of the princes 

She was the hardest to lose and the 2nd one to die from this poisening. I will never forget the moment the vet told me there is nothing more we could do for her , she died in my arms and I just took her down from the vert table to the floor and couldn't belive it is truely happened, that my Ali just died .. I set on the floor with her dead body in my hands and cried and cried and cried ... I enjoyed her company for 3 years till this happened. Ali was a part of me and I was sure she will live at list to 15 and get to know my kids and help me choose the right hosbend ... In my worst nighmare I didn't plan to bury her so yang. Ali was very spoiled girl, always got what she wanted and was the only one who was sleeping under my blancket till Soul have learn that from her and joined us . I am VERY thankfull to her wonderful breeder who become a 2nd mom to me Julia Vozilkin, for letting me have her in my life. Ali was a dream who came true to me, he mother Amra Spector El razal is my most favorite smooth ever, her grand mother Ashams was a full sister to Nessia who was one of my first rescues and was never breed with peds . Ali had the most interesting peddigree mostly of Isrealy local lines and was registered as 2nd gen. Ali just love to run and had so much stamina even of her bad luck as a pup , then she was hurt by a car and needed a surgery for her hip and femor, she was a true hunter and the fastest between my dogs. When all her gang was tiered she kept runing and looking for some thing to "hunt". Ali was the first saluki I ever paid full price for, when I saw her at about a week of age, I told her breeder I want only her from this litter, She had a tween sister in same coloring, Seif who stayed with the breeder but I wanted Ali ... At 3 weeks of age, I came to meet her for the first time and recognized her in a sec and still wanted ONLY HER, At 6 weeks of age when I came to take her , she just sit next to my leg and looked at me, like saying "ok mommy lets go" we had a very special conection from the begining.  Every person who meet her and she liked back fall in love with her, was really unpossible not to. Ali just loved being with me every where, she was a very special baby, not only beautiful from the out side but also from the inside. Ali had one litter and left behind her 8 beautiful offsprings that 6 of them lives abored and makes their owners very happy. Ali and Soul her dother that I saved with me had a very special conection , now they RIP together in saluki heaven. TY LORD FOR LETTING ME HAVE HER !

Ray Of Light Of Exsal (RIP)
 05.12.10 - 16.07.12

What an unlucky boy .... few weeks before the poisoning, I went to visit Arab friends in north of Israel, I looked at his leg and it was so swollen .... They any way wanted to give him to a new house so I got their ok to take him and re-home him . I wanted to re-home him in Israel and to co-own him, we have been at the vet place together more then once to take care of him, he had an old injury that did not heal well and had signs of bite from a big dog that was bleeding for days before and about two weeks after I took him. About two weeks before of the poisening Ray was ready to move to a new house. Sadly the right person did not came, those who called weren't "perfect" enough for him and I really wanted for him the best. he was such a sweet heart, loved people, other dogs, loved runing and enjoyed every little thing in life. He was very good and loyal boy. He died about 5 minutes after my dear Ali :( They were great friends in life and were also buried toghther . RIP little prince . He was only 1.7 years old at his death, was never breed and was registered as 0 gen .

Basira Ata Rayihan Neshama Tova


Bassi was a very special girl for me, she was a part of my heart and a very big lost not only for me, but also for the breed. Bassi's blood lines were very rear and were 100% from local Bedouin breeding and no import dogs behind. Bassi was a real saluki in her personalty, very aloof to most, but when she really liked some one, was impossible not to fall for her ♥
I just can't believe I lost her also, but that is true. I waited more then a month to really start to believe that she is not here any more. The person who poisened my dogs at the 15.07.12, though that stealing 1 and killing 5 other wasn't enough and he came back to put some more poisen for 4 times !
Joe, my brave, strong mix was poisoned 3 times (including the first big poisoning and survived) and Bassi's poisoning was the 4th poisoning I had in less then 5 weeks !!!
Bassi was at my regular vet for only "stabling" for 3 hours and then she has moved to Havat Daat, the best animal hospital we have here in Israel. she was taken care by the manger of the Hospital Dr Zhehev, who did the best and more to try to save her, but she just couldn't make it thru this poisen :(( She was such a strong and brave girl, she really gave her best fight but I guess it wasn't enough.
Bassi's litter was a surprise litter, her mom was breed by a Bedouin friend who "helped" me and took care of her, her litter breed behind my back and that gave me 4 beautiful pups. Bassi was the one I choose to save in the kennel. She was a great choice if u ask me, even that she NEVER won any show title, even that she was showed many times sense being a pup, once Myrna Shiboleth gave her BOS with no title cause she was fat :D Well she just loved to eat and no matter how much she run, she never showed any ribs. She had very high hunting drive and would NEVER let go on a chase when she was involved in one. She had crazy stamina, when all the other were tiered she and Ali would always keep on !
I think that Bassi adored me, I was the only one she was kissing, she was always staying close to me, ready to "protect" me if will be needed and was so loyal ♥
I keep dreaming of her and Ali play, I assume it just was hard to her to let go of her best friend Ali so .. at list now they are together in saluki heaven after the rainbow bridge. Hope she enjoy the free running and not making Lily a hard time, I did never understand why, but she did not like her for the last few months.
I don't think it is possible to forget any of the doggies I lost, but Bassi, is still in my heart and not only mind ♥
She was the first ever pup I have saved with me from my breeding and for sure not last.
Her blood lines will stay thanks to her lovely brother Beri who was already breed in Finalnd and her sweet sister Bo who supposed to be breed next year in Austria (2013).
I plan to make a memory wall for all the doggies who were lost to soon at this "series" of poisoning between 15.07.12-16.08.12

At the day Bassi was poisoned and died , I have left that house in Pardes Hana, to much bad luck !
I just hope it will NEVER happen again and more then that I hope my dear Bassi,Ali,Soul,Lily,Ray and Asil will RIP

Jawara Faiz El Dahab Neshama Tova

meaning of her name - the most accomplished/successful piece of a gold jewelry , great soul - every day name - Jola 
Little Jula is from our C litter out of Yulious Spector El Razzal X Venus Shine, at first I wasn't planning to keep a puppy from this litter but when I saw her, since her first breath i knew she's mine, i knew that my saluki dream had come true in this girl !  This dream sadly didn't last to long ...
She's was our little princess and we I have lost her tooo soon :(
She was co-owned and handled by Avishag Morgenstern , our lovely friend and excellent handler
Unfortently Jola deid at the 04.07.10 from poisening with rat poisening . I have came back from work and found her dead :( Jula Wasen't even 11 mounth when she deid . After her death I have moved a house.
I WILL NEVER FORGET HER . I have saved her full brother Jawi from her litter with me and hope one day that the genetic will do the job of bringing back the beutifull princess to live as anouther saluki girl I will save. RIP my golden princes . Me and Avishag had so many high hopes for her ...


 Warda Neshama Tova

Our lovely Warda past away after a long and tough battle with a kidney disease she was suffering from afther having a tick disease . After a long and exhuasting month, Warda left us so sad and broken. Warda Neshama Tova will be remembered for ever , the new kennel name I choose is "Neshama Tova" like in Warda's Name . Warda was living with me , sence she was a year and a helf . she had a car excident that her beduin owner couldn't pay for the treatment she needed . Our Beduin Friend Mr Abu Jabar Harep took her to a vet , when he hared about it , took care of her for a week till she felt better and then she was broth to me as a rescue for rehabilition . it was love from first site , she fall in loved with me and I with her . I have tried to breed her once but had no luck and had no pups . At the middle of 2009 I broke up with Gal who was my kennel and life partner and asked Mr Abu Jabar to take care of her for two months . when I came back to visit her , she was in anouther friends house , that owned Ben Huonds of Joy and she was breed behind my back there , with Ben Hounds Of Joy , in a way I am very thankfull that it happend , This gave me B litter that I saved Bassira Ata Riyan Neshama Tova (Bassi) and Baharahm Badi Malik Neshama Tova (Beri) from and if not that , i wouldn't have any alive memory of Warda , who was such a special girl !

In B litter were 3 girls and one Boy ,one female, Bo was a part of the preservation project and I hope to get an offspring of her also one day . Warda Neshama Tova comes from 100% local working blood lines , from Hawashla tribe , her genetic is a very importent part of my breeding plans and I couldn't be prouder to have her in my life for almost 3 years. I know Warda is in Heaven , may u RIP my girl ! 

Eitan and LeEhov 

Et LeEhov Ruah Midbar 02.05.07-24.09.08 [(R.I.P) meaning of his name was time to love desert wind] and Eitan KaErez Ruah Midbar [(may he live long life) meaning of his name as strong as cedar tree desert wind]
Those two were my first ever Salukis, after we heared LeEhov's story about his 3 and a half legs, we were touched and we got him and his brother, they were ment to be therapy dogs. They were born at 2.5.07 in Romania at Ruah Midbar kennel. Our first plan was to take LeEhov only but in the end I came back to Israel with 2 puppies, we planned to raise and love them for the rest of their lives but some times our plans being changed by others - the world or people . Eitan was taken from us according to the breeder's decision on the 1.2.08 to another house in breeding terms and since then he was moved 3 more houses because of his aggressive temperament and problems between the breeder and the new owners. Nowadays, Eitan lives in a beduim house near Dimona, with some one from Hawasla tribe as far as we know, the rumor say that he is happy in his new house and we are happy too because we know that he was castrated before his moving so he won't be able to breed in the future. His brother, LeEhov, stayed with us until his last day, we loved him very much though his aggressive temperament, he used to attack our other dogs and even human friends. He was very unpredictable dog and still , we loved him and cared for him and try to do all to change his way - he was costerated, we tried to train him with the help of few famos dog trainer and much more . Dear LeEhov past away from a snake bite , for our great regret, he suffered a lot is his short life from some health problems including skin cancer.  we hope that now when he looks on us from above, he understands that we did the best for him and thanks to him, our love to the Saluki breed haven't stopped growing. RIP LeEhov, u have changed my life up side down and I am thankful for that.


Those who weren't living with me, but took part or were planed to take part at my breeding program

Sinai Bayud (RIP)

He was born in 2006 to Sultan Abu Rakaik from Tel Sheva. His dam was a feathered female and his sir was black smooth grizle. He has had close blood lines to out Nesya (who was lost to TVT and was never breed) and both of them have a common famous grandfather, Iqa'ab, who was very well known hunter at the 90's, in the Negev desert of Israel. His original blood lines by what I was told go back to Saudi Arbia, Iran and Jordan. I have got his as a present from Abu Rakaik Jabar at 2008, sense Bayud have moved between few breeding terms homes. He wasn't an easy boy and when wasn't running enough he would just run away, very typical Bedouin saluki. He spend his last year with my ex and died there, not even sure when and why. But have hared that from a common friend.
He did not even contact me to let me know he was sick and give me the option to see him for the last time.
Bayud was very special to me. There could be so much said about him, but he was a good soul and a talented hunter, he loved me so much and was always making the happy dance when he meet me. 
 Sharav Sufa Afora (RIP)
Was the Dam of our A litter . Was co-owend with Asaf Grifat and lived with Abed from Meshulam . deid afther a car excident near the feild she was runing in . Was very happy playfull saluki and a great hunter .
We were honerd to host her litter as the first ever litter in our saluki breeding or breeding at total.
She gave some lovely offsprings and they will keep that line . She was conected to Idan Atiq breeding lines.
 RIP lovely girl .

Iqab Badir Jalal (RIP)

Iqa’ab Badir Jalal – Literal translation from Arabic meaning “Hunting bird with great glory”. An impressive dog born in 2002. He was born to Mr Abu Jabar H’arap from Tel Sheva. Deid in my hends afther a long fight , he had a car excident in anouther house he was in , came back to the kennel to get the best treatment, we have treid evrything to help him and afther almost two months of fighing he was put down to sleep .. He is a big lose and wil be remembered for ever . Was breed once and gave me the wonderfull A litter , that I kept his douther Aorora Ell Shamesh Tzlil Meitar in co-owend house with Gal Roitstien who was my kennel partner in Tzlil Meitar before I changed my kennel name to "Neshama Tova" at April 2010 . 

Nessia (RIP)

 That year we had a great loss, Our Nessia past away after fighting TVT cancer,Nessia was a wonderful Saluki,one of our first,she was never bred but she will be remembered forever. She was one of the first rescues who got to me, her owners did not want her any more couse she couldn't hunt couse being sick and to old for their opinion.
Nessia is a full sister of Ashamesh that was mamy of A B and D litter of Hound Of Joy kennel . In a way her genetic was saved . Nessia was breed by Mr Soltan Abu Rakiek from Tel Sheva comes from rear desert lines . She was a very loving saluki , a calm girl that loved runing till her last day and humen food . With this kind of girl it was very hared not fall inloved with the breed . When me and my ex seperated , Nessia moved to live with him and at the 04.05.09 we both decieded that she had enough , after her TVT came back again and the smartest thing will be to put her to sleep . I know that she will be one who I could never forget, one of the reasons I fall in love with Salukis . 




From the kennel breeding or conected to the kennel breeding who died with their loving owners

Sozi Neshama Tova
Was a douther of Duria Asar Min Huma Neshama Tova , then she was owned by Mustafa Marzaka who choose to breed her to Is ch and grand Ch Jawar Mashal El Nur Neshama Tova. Sozi was the pup that Mostafa choose to save for him self. Sadly at about 4 months of age he told me that she died from parvo virus . I was very sad about it couse I wanted her to me self but he refused to give her to me for using my male for the breeding . She was very happy, sweet and beautiful girl.

DOB 15/09/08
A son of my Sinai Bayud and a female from Idan Atiq breeding . still have alive brother and sister from the litter in Israel . Deid from poisoning  , I was very sad to hear about it and had places of using him in my breeding . Was living with good owners but still didn't had luck , was about a year and a helf when he died . Was never breed.
Junaid Ruwaid Neshama Tova (RIP)
cream male from C litter was owned by Mustaffa Barzak Israel-RIP
Deid in the age of 6 months from poisoning

Badir Jalal Spector El Razal (RIP)

Was owned and loved by Mr Abu Jabar Harep who enjoid him for only few days before he got sick.
The translation of the name- rare fame in arabic, Badir was a sweet young puppy when he left us. 
He was a handsom red feathered boy from Spector El Razal kennel, he died bacause of worms that were found in his stomach probabaly since he was born. All the treatment we gave him, thanks to Ofer and Ira Gruver from Rehovot wasn't enough and he didn't make it. This little boy had a bright future , a full brother of our Yulious. 


Pups who died at yang age before being re-homed

Ofek&Ansamble Tzlil Meitar (RIP)

Our great loss of "A" litter, we lost Ansamble (above) and Ofek (under), we will remember them forever. 

Bossa Bader Ell Daya Neshama Tova
Was born the smallest and didn't survived more then few days