Neshama Tova Salukis Israel

Preservation breeding of working and show salukis

Our females 

We are proud to present our beautiful saluki girls 
First are those who live with us 

IL CH Dreams Come True Nemesh Neshama Tova

DOB 21.05.10
Daily name - Nemesh
She is from Uma's and Bayud litter co-owned with Johanan Herson
Link to her ped

Lovely Nemesh , she is a daughter of my Sinai Bayud and Uma who was loved by my good friend Johanan Herson, Venus Shine breeder, who was dam to our C litter in 2009. Nemesh is half sister to lovely IL ch and Grand ch Venus Shine - same dam different sire. 

Nemesh litter was very interesting one, was very hard to choose. Nemesh was the chosen one, cause of a special dream I had about her a night before she was born and that is where her name came from. She was living with a wonderful family in breeding terms till September 2012, since then she is back to our home and will stay with us for the rest of her life.
Nemesh was breed twice in her life, once in 2015 and once in 2017, to two different sires.
Her first litter was Chet litter, who its ped could be seen here
2nd litter was "our dream litter" who its ped could be seen here
We have saved a male and female from each breeding of her in breeding terms/co-owned homes for our future plans. 

IL junior ch, IL ch, IL grand ch Very Precious Gift Neshama Tova

DOB 12.07.14
Daily name - Bell 
Out of our Vav litter co-breed with Reut Dishbak, out of Multi ch Hetem n'AgzirXMulti ch
Duriya Asar Min Huma Neshama Tova link to her ped

Bell was born in my hands but took me a while till I understood she is here to stay. 
Bell is a real saluki who know what she wants and will get it in her way only, not an easy one but she is charming in her own special way - every one who knows her fall for her and learn to understand her sense of humor. Bell is enjoying the show ring with her handler Orin Levin and maybe later on will be showed also out of Israel. She is just my type of saluki - small, elegant, never misses a moving thing and enjoying playing hunting games. She is great with other dogs and prefer people she knows but at same time ok with new once. Bell had a mistake litter in 2015, who was our 7th ( all names starting with Z litter who is the 7th alphabet letter in Hebrew), this is its ped and under this link you could see more pic.
You could see pic of Bell in different ages under this link

Asina Neshama Tova

DOB 18.08.14
Daily name - Asi 
Breed by Martin Derksin, Spain out of Amna (UAE lines) and our Multi ch Jawar Mashal El Nur Neshama Tova - link to her ped here

Asi is a very special girl, a dream from her mother lines, super friendly and loves all people. If she could talk she would say the world was made for her.
She would love to hunt if it was legal here but sadly she is not interested in LC who we tried. She was imported to Israel at age of 7m but already at 6w of age I know she would be mine, wasnt easy to make her breeder let her go and when we meet I just could easily understand why !
Asi wasnt shown YET, cause of some issues with her litter ped in Spain who we try to fix.
I hope she would be able to enjoy the show ring from 2018 and if all works well so I hope to breed her in middle/end 2018  to an Israeli breed male who go back to my own A litter. 
Possible to see more pic of Asi, in different ages under this link 

Belkis Urnia Al Amira

DOB 20.07.16
Daily name - Kiss     DOB 20.07.16
Breed by Julia Vozilkin, Israel our of Multi ch Hetem n'Agzir X IL ch, IL Veteran ch As-saif Urnia Al Amira, you can see a link to her ped here
More pic could be seen here

Be able to get kiss was a closing of a circle, I know and co-operate with her breeder for years now and love her lines deeply. I know many of the dogs behind personally and have owned
Ali - her aunt, who was my heart dog, from A litter of same kennel. Sadly I lost Ali in the tragedy we had in 2012 (our "history" could be read at the "home" page). Kiss have helped me to heal my heart and in her special way, made her self my heart girl. Kiss is a very "old style" saluki, running after every thing that moves is her favorite thing - she has great stamina and very powerful runner - thats why she has to be muzzled when she is free from 8 months of age. She not friendly to people she dont know and even preferring to be in her "safe place" when we have new people around, takes her longer to trust but when she opens to some one, impossible to not enjoy her sweetness and the honor of being chosen by her. She was well exposed as young puppy but this is just who she is and I love her for that. I believe she is a very promising girl also for the show ring and sure it will be seen in older age when she will be more confident.
She enjoy pleasing me and learning new things but would never do that for some one else, so miss Kiss is our special girl and a joy to have around !

Our co-owned girls 

IL junior ch, IL ch, IL Grand ch, INT ch Ba-Li Balisha Neshama Tova

Daily name - Ba-Lo         DOB 26.08.11
Her litter was co-owned with Mustafa Marzaka
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned by the kennel and Boris Fictman and loved by Fictman family, Israel

Balo is a sweet loving easy going girl, a real darling who bring lots of pleasure to her family and made us very proud at the show ring as well. We tried LC with her but she prefer a real game as some salukis. We hope to breed her once in 2018, that would be her only planned litter. 

Egyptian ch Gypsy Beauty Spell

Daily name - Gypsy   DOB 5.05.13
Breed by Izhar Brill, Israel
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned by the kennel and Mirko Albertazi and loved by his family in Italy

Gypsy is lovely loving girl, registered as 1st gen, she was showed few times while her family was living in Egypt and was twice BOB and finished her Egyptian ch. Before she left she won BJ in breed in IL but have got only one JCAC so has no other titles for now. Gypsy is planned to be breed in 2018-2019 to a lovely male from Holland if all will work out, her puppies would be born in Italy. 

IL junior ch Voice of My heart Neshama Tova 

Daily name - Mai    DOB 12.07.14
Breed by the kennel and Reut Dishbak 
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned by the kennel and Alexandra Cole, UK

Lovely Mai was hard to let go, but Alex is just the perfect home for her. She was showed in many shows in UK and made me a very proud breeder and co-owner. Mai is a sweet loving girl and enjoying her dog gang a lot. 

Beautiful Oasis Neshama Tova

Daily name - Venus   DOB 09.04.14
Breed by the kennel, Mohamad Abu Jafar and Roshdie Al Tzana 
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned with Davidi Klain and love by his family, Israel

Venus is a sweet girl, very friendly and loving and in same time have very high drive for hunting. Hopeful she will be showed a bit in 2018 and breed in 2019/2020
She is registered as 1st gen in her ped and mostly from local Bedouin breeding. In the pic above she was about 9m, taken by her family.

Buba Shel Neshama Tova

Daily name - Baby  DOB 21.12.14
Breed by Miriam Abrams 
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned with Victoria Vakser Goldener 

Baby is a real fighter, a real strong desert breed saluki girl with loving and wonderful personalty who get along with dogs and people. I call her a real fighter since in October 16 she was hit by a car and broke a vertebra in her neck, my advice was to put her to sleep that time and I am so thankful my co-owner refused to listen to me and did everything to get her back on her feet!
Even that neurologist who made her surgery was surprised from how strong she is and how fast she was back to her self. The pic above was taken less than a year after her injury, only very small signs of the problems she had and we will get her back to the show ring who she loves a lot soon. As a puppy she was BIS puppy in an INT dog show we had with a judges who know working dogs and salukis, that was a big surprise for us and we were all do proud of her.
We hope to have one litter from miss Baby at 2020-2021, the sire wasnt chosen yet.

Miu of Stevanic Salukis

Daily name - Miu     DOB 1.08.14 
Breed by  Stevo Stevanic, Spain 
You could see her ped here
Co-owned by the kennel and Tal Agmon 

From the first days I started to breed salukis, I wanted some lines who I know as a Jewish women who lives in Israel - I might no be able to get. Thank to Martin Dirksen, who breed Asina Neshama Tova - I meet Stevo, the breeder of Miu who made another dream of mine a reality by letting me have her. Miu needed more than I could give her since I have quite big saluki gang and Tal who today co-own her with came to see a male from another litter we had and just fall for her and she fall for him - a love from first sight who every smart saluki person could easily see!
I decided to let her go and I believe it was the right thing. She has a soul of a hunter, love running with her owners who run Marathons few times a week and the her other 2 doggie friends - one saluki and the other one is a mix who she loves a lot. Miu was registered as 0 gen in Israel after her breeder couldn't registered the litter in Spain cause of his personal reasons, he tried later by DNA but it wasnt approved by the KC.

IL Junior Dindhali Lubaba Harini NT

                                         Daily name - Babou  DOB 28.01.15 
Breed by Sophie and Raphael Crespin, France
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned with Victoria Vakser Goldener, Israel 

Babou is a classic saluki beauty, a real princes !
Wonderful with dogs, cats and people she knows and a bit shy with new once, Takes time to win her trust but it worth the hard work. She is on the lazy side of the breed, enjoy sofa's, coddles and playing with other dogs. She comes from lines I was following for few years and can't stop thanking her breeder for letting me bring her to Israel and let her take part of our breeding plan and add some new blood to it

Perach Losi Me Arara shel N.T

Daily name - Losi  DOB 20.02.15 
Desert breed (0 gen)
You could see her ped here
Co-owned by the kennel and Ira Rum, Israel 

Losi is a lovely desert breed girl, her lines go back also to some of my lines (C and D litter) and to hounds of joy lines + local Bedouin breeding. She is a friendly girl and easy going. She love to run and play with other dogs who are not too dominant and love the show ring. She was showed twice and in one of them was BJ, we will keep showing her later on.

Chalomot Mitgashmim Be Varod Asia Neshama Tova

Daily name - Asia  DOB 18.02.16 
Breed by the kennel 
You can see her ped here 
Co-owned with  Rony Shtainberg, Israel

Asia is a very special girl, she is the first saluki to her owners who deeply love her and use her also as therapy dog for autistic kids where he works. Rony is less interested in shows so for now she is just his pet and therapy dog but I do hope that later on she will be showed. She was our first choice from her litter from very young age.