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Our Saluki Males

 We r proud to present our beautiful saluki boys

 Is CH + Grand CH + INT CH

Jawhar Mash’al El Nur Neshama Tova

 meaning of the name - Jewel Torch of Light ‎great soul

 every day name - Jawi
DOB 11.08.09

Link to Jawi's ped

 Jawi is from our C litter

 Jawi is a very special boy , loves to kiss love new people and dogs . lives with me enjoy life running free and hunting . At his first show in open class was BOB  :) at the 27.01.12 Jawi has finished his Israeli ch and is the first saluki who breed and owned by the kennel who is Is ch !!!!
Jawi also works as therapy saluki 
Jawi has sired 5 litters , 2 of them registered under Neshama Tova salukis.  We have saved 2 puppies from Jawi, at co-owned homes: IL junior ch, IL ch, IL grand ch and soon INT ch Ba-Li Balisha Neshama Tova co-owned with Boris Fichtman Israel  + Gypsy Beauty Spell who is co-owned with Mirko Alberttazi, Egypt.  Soon another pup of Jawi from a litter who was breed to him in Spain will join our home - Asina Neshama Tova. All 3 girls we have saved from Jawi's litter will take part at our breeding plan and possible to see them at out females page under this link.

Handler: Keren Mints

 IL Junior Ch + IL Ch + IL Grand ch + 3XCACIB Hetem n'Agzir
                                                              daily name - Josh                                                                                                                                         DOB - 27.07.12
Josh is a dream come true, he is the first import of Neshama Tova kennel (but for sure not the last).
Was breed by Magali Dumont from France and I think he is the best thing that ever happen to me.

Standing pic here at 19 months of age :
It could not happen with out the BIG help of few friends who knows saluki breeding is my heart and soul. I won't mention names, cause to tell u the truth I don't really know how many people were involved with bringing him to Israel, But I know his wonderful blood lines will have much to contribute the saluki breeding plan. He comes from some of the best coursing lines in Europe, of very typical dogs to my idea. His roots are very close to Israel from Iran, Iraq and Turkey. He also does very well in shows, he has such a beautiful move - almost flying !

He is handled by few talented handler Hilit Carmel, Hila Hadar, Avishag Morgenstern and me self - Keren Mintz. This wonderful moving pic is from 21 months of age by Dana Elen

Josh is a sweet, shy, loving and spoiled boy, who enjoy a lot food, running and the Salukis he live with. Josh lives at Neshama Tova home but is co-owned at the ped registration - Keren Mints (Neshama Tova Salukis) and Julia Vozilkin (Urnia Al Amira salukis). 
He is the 5th registered saluki import at Israel and the first one who is from coursing ch lines. He is registered with a full ped.

 Breeding terms and co-owned males 

Bahrham Bady Malik Neshama Tova

DOB 08.07.09
Daily name - Beri


our sweet Beri is from our B litter .
Barri is black-silver smooth grizzle. Beri was in Sweden and Finland for few years - cared by Seija Anttila and Paulin Brealt, was breed in Finland at Feb 2012 - had lovely 8 smooth puppies , 4 males and 4 female , all have wonderful houses . The breeding was made under Aavatuulen kennel owned by Tuuli Soukka .
One of Beri's pups AKA Napsu or under her registered name Aavatuulen Ahava Neshama Tova lives in Finland and co-owned by the kennel/Seija Antilla/Helena Sinikara - loved and cared by Helena, Seija's friend in Finland . Napsu is taking part at shows and already got her coursing licences and few CACIL's.
Beri is owned by the kennel and lives with our friend, not far away in Israel, this days.
He was breed once in Israel in 2014, the litter was hosted for a Bedouin friend by the kennel and registered under the kennel. We have saved male and female in breeding terms out of him. Possible to see more of them under this link.
Beri is planned to be breed for the last time in the end of 2015 to IL Ch Dreams Come True Nemesh Neshama Tova under Neshama Tova kennel. For more details check this link
Beri is registered as 1st gen , has heart check , eye check and thyroid check and he was found healthy !
 Desert Rock Neshama Tova
 Daily name - Rocki
DOB 09.04.14

Sweet Rocki is our first choice male from the desert litter we had the honor to host and co-own with Mohamad Abu Jafar and Roshdi Alsana. He is owned by the kennel and loved by Ya'ara Fridman, Israel. 
Rocki is a smooth sweet beauty and we hope to be able to use him in our breeding plan and we also hope he would do well in shows !
This is Rocki's ped
Handlers: Keren Mintz and Orin Levin
 With Negev Wind I run Neshama Tova
 Daily name - Negev
DOB 12.07.14

Negev is a beautiful boy, first choice of his litter breed by the kennel and Reut Dishbak. His both parents are multi ch and we hope for him to have wonderful future in shows/LC and as loved pet of Reut and her family. His litter is a 2nd gen to Neshama Tova breeding and was planned for a while - A true dream who came true.  Negev is very open and happy boy, enjoy everything - loves people, kids and other dogs.
At his first show, he was BOB baby and was also chosen at the last cut of 6 dogs for BBIS, he did not got a placement - BUT we are still so proud. Handled and trained by Avishag Morgenstern, Reut Dishbak, Orin Levin and me self Keren Mintz. 

We hope to be able to show and LC Negev also out of Israel when he mature and to use him in our breeding plan in few years. 

This is the link to Negev's ped
Lovely pic of Negev at age of 8 months, show training with Reut Dishbal

 Marvelous Jeff Neshama Tova
Daily name - Jeff
DOB 28.08.14

Jeff was breed from a co-owned female of the kennel and Ish Aviram. We got his dam from a Bedouin friend and after the breeding we have changed the ownership of her on Ish name, what means she won't be breed again under the kennel. His sire is from E litter of Neshama Tova salukis. 
Sweet Jeff lives in breeding terms and love by Rivka Algazi, Israel. Jeff is a lovely smooth boy, who was registered as 1st gen. We hope to show him, LC him and breed him at list once when he get older.
Pic will be added next time we will meet him :)

This is a link to his ped

Wonderful male who was stolen and will be never forgotten 

we still hope to get him and the two females back some how 

more info at the bottom of home page

  Youlios Even Odem Spector El Razal
Daily name - Yoli 
DOB 02/12/07
Link to his ped

Even Odem means “Ruby Stone “ in Hebrew, Even Odem was added to his name after he was one and a half months old and was very sick, to represent the Ruby Stone. The ruby stone is known to bring good fortune and luck, health and strength and it seems to work for him. He is a cream-white male, the first that we actually purchased and responsible for our devotion to the breed  . Originally we were going to keep also a littermate, his sister, however there was a last minute decision that the breeder was going to keep the female for himself  .
Instead of her we chose another male and unfortunately he died before he was two months old (‘Rest In Peace’ page). His mother “Balisha Spector el Razal” has grey grizzle , and his father “Tawill Spector el Razal” is cream-coloured and both of them are recognized as Israeli champions. Both parents belong to “Spector El Razal” Kennel and under the kennel ownership, but they both held by private homes under breeding terms .
Yuli is a different type from our classical desert bred salukies in our kennel. Even though he is originally are 75% Israeli Desert-line (mainly from Bedouin breeding) and the remaining 25% from the Persian-Sweden-Bahrain lines of descent. He participated as puppy in one competition and became in that show as “Best Male Puppy” and he lost to his sister that is owned by the breeder.

Yuli comes from Israeli and European champions winners blood lines . He is the success story to some of the most famous breeding kennels in Israel ("Spector el Razal", "Idan Atiq" and "Arava") and part was imported from around the world as we mentioned previously. The kennel owned by Shalom Shtoklemann and Shai Spector are the only ones until now, that import dogs from out of Israel. These imports contributed tremendously to the development of the breed here, and this is a great opportunity to thank them for their excellent work that they have been doing for the last 20 years. Without them, the Saluki breeding selection would be significantly lower than it is today.   

 He was naturally disciplined since the day that we received him. He was Active Therapy dog .
Yuli is a very loving and kissing dog, charming character, we just satisfied from the minute we have him. Fast sprinter and great hunting instincts, calm and impressive companionship. He is a very successful with young population and older children . He loved evey minute in show ring and was used for Junior Handling.
Before age of 2 years he was already Is Ch , Int ch , Grand ch , Multi group winner and Multi BIS winner  .
At March 2011 he was announced as most winning saluki ever in Israel .
He was 17 times BOB out of 19 shows sense he was a junior !
He was breed twice and sired C and D litter u could see more info at breed by us page

Thank you very much: Tamar, Amitay and  Shay Spector, for letting us choose first pick out of the litter.

His blood lines r a big part of Neshama Tova Kennel and I owen and co-owen his children and grand children .