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Preservation breeding of working and show salukis

Genetic Preserving Project

The Desert Line Genetic Preserving Project


I got an application from abroad to share an article that i will write about the Israeli breeding with some questions that came up from the newspaper editor , this was in 2008 .

As a result of this wonderful mission I started to meet with breeders and asking them the quastion that were given to me and then in one of the interviews with an old bedouin breeder, Mr Juma El Abid from Abu Cap I got an idea-Juma, as an attempt of saving his line made breeding centers in Israel, he gave to breeders that he respect dogs for breeding to rely on the Bedouin tradition and the breeding principles in it, I was charmed from his point of view and then i got an idea:
Neshama Tova kennel that breeds mostly Israeli desert working line that combines an impressive show line,wants to share the genetic reservoir that we gained with the rest of the world!

After a deep thought we decided that on each litter from now we will give two puppies at expenses cost(pedigree,vaccination and food,vet exam etc -about 700$ to 1300 euro depending on the litter expenses and the age the puppy has to stay with us) to breeders that will participate at shows,coursing,hunting and agility.
In exchange we will wish showing,coursing and obligation to breed at least one time with the dog and the opportunity to refresh the Israeli line with the assistance of getting a puppy in the future from the kennel that got our puppy.


The flight cost would be on the owner's charge-we will prefer breeders that will come here to take the puppy themselves and learn from the kennel and his partners about the local Lines and their benefits.
We are committed to accommodate the breeders that will come from abroad and exposing them as much as possible to the original Israeli breeding lines by a trip in Israel.
Meanwhile they are other Israeli breeder that joined our project .

Each breeder that will join our project will be taken seriously-we will try to consider as much as we can on the preferring and the dog choosing that will fit best to the line that the breeder chooses.
Each Israeli breeder that is interested of joining the project and giving one puppy or more from his litters will be written in this page with the litter's details and contacting information.
If is their a case that a breeder that thinks he could assist us on a good mating between our dogs that we didn't think of,we would love to hear that because we like to hear from people with experience and learn.

We would like, of course,to get applications from abroad too and we will be more than thankful to breeders that would pass it on to others and link it in relevant places.

Thank you for your cooperation, we hope that will succeed to raise the local lines that fading away and the genetic reservoir that decreasing each day.
Salukis are the love of our life and we would love to get other ideas to help and preserve the local lines.


 We have sent as part of the project puppies to Germany, Austria, Finland, Canada and USA - we can't wait til we will get new blood back , the first pup we will get back from this project will be born in the middle of 2016 in USA.



We do not ship the puppies at this cost to any home!

We sell the puppies in the project term you could read more above for expenses only BUT we ask a puppy back to our choice, when your puppy from us will be breed OR from others blood line you might have, that would interest us and could take part at our breeding term. 

Those are our 

USA and Canada- 4 months old $700-1100$ expenses 

European Union- 7 months old 1000 to 1300 euros expenses

To take part at this project please contact us in private and tell us about your self .
 We have no available pups at this moment but we always have breeding plans.

for more info go to upcoming litter page


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Pardesia ,Israel